Almost Wordless Wednesday: Snow Covered Trees


Today it’s freezing here in Wisconsin, and the snow has already melted! I WISH this was my view outside, because if it’s cold out, there might as well be pretty snow to admire. Here were some pictures I snapped earlier in the week after our first snowfall.


Wider view of the pines in the background.


Love the color contrast of the red berries against the black and white. 


So pretty!

Can’t Get Enough of Fall Color

This is the time of year when I will be driving around town and will randomly stop the car to take pictures of beautiful fall colors. Here’s a recent picture that I took last week:

red, green tree in fall

Blue sky, red & green leaves. The colors are so pretty!

And I love how these trees line the sidewalk:


Why yes, orange leaves, I’ll gladly walk by you!

Right in our own backyard we can enjoy this burning bush in front of a blue spruce. Gorgeous.


Love, love the red pops of color in fall.

As I look back in my media library, I’ve had similar posts in the past. Here are some more pictures that I still enjoy from previous autumns.

Colors of Fall in Wisconsin

This palette is the best.

gorgeous gourds

Vibrant red orange pumpkins and assorted gourds.

Happy Fall, y’all!