This is the time of year when I will be driving around town and will randomly stop the car to take pictures of beautiful fall colors. Here’s a recent picture that I took last week:

red, green tree in fall
Blue sky, red & green leaves. The colors are so pretty!

And I love how these trees line the sidewalk:

Why yes, orange leaves, I’ll gladly walk by you!

Right in our own backyard we can enjoy this burning bush in front of a blue spruce. Gorgeous.

Love, love the red pops of color in fall.

As I look back in my media library, I’ve had similar posts in the past. Here are some more pictures that I still enjoy from previous autumns.

Colors of Fall in Wisconsin
This palette is the best.
gorgeous gourds
Vibrant red orange pumpkins and assorted gourds.

Happy Fall, y’all!