I spent a few hours on Super Bowl Sunday trying out some card making projects that I saw on Pinterest. I enjoy this time to relax and dabble with my arts and crafts supplies. Here are a few successful cards that I made.

DIY cards Go Mama O.

Check out some of the links on Pinterest that I found for inspiration!

DIY blank and thank you cards made by Go Mama O.

I ended up using scrapbook paper that I had on hand, some water color paper (thicker paper helps for painting), water color paints, scrapbook markers & pens, washi tape, pre-cut tags, and pre-folded white and brown cards. Sometimes I will cut paper and fold cards by hand, but it goes faster having the pre-made neutral cards. The painted rocks are on display to help hold the cards in place.

One of my favorite cards was the Best-tea card, that you can also buy on Etsy. This was perfect to make for my best-tea who lives in the UK.

I also made these 70 and 10 years old cards with mosaics. They were pretty fast and fun to make.

mosaic number birthday card made by Go Mama O.

I know I’m not producing Hallmark-like cards, but I am pleased with the process of making cards that turn out looking good. Plus, crafting is a form of self-care, a good regular practice to have. Read more about crafting for self care.

Cheers to more crafting!