Hooray – my 1st craft project of 2023 is a success!! Over the holidays, I visited several craft stores (my daughter had a gift card to use), and inspiration struck me when I found a white grapevine wreath.

I incorporated an owl ornament that I had in our collection as one of the main elements. My previous front door hanging was lacking, and I knew a winter owl wreath would be much cooler.

Past crafting sessions with friends in 2022 helped me learn some wreath making basics. I’ve determined that floral wire works better than hot glue for wreaths that I put on our south-facing front door.

A trip to two other craft stores helped me find wired ribbon, faux greenery and some sparkles to complete my wreath supply shopping. Just before dinner on January 2, I assembled the entire wreath in about an hour. It was a lot of fun!

Look how cute it is!

view of winter owl wreath made by Mama O.

As one of my smartest crafting buddies says, crafting is self care! And it felt wonderful to create this project and spruce up my front door.