We continue to adore our sweet furry ferret Blaze! She tends to get into trouble from time to time due to her unique ferret curiosity.

In this latest video, you can see her at treat time (licking her liquid based Ferrettone off of her belly).

And watch her climbing in our closet.

We have caught her on the top shelf of the closet, and my daughter once had to get her down from the basement’s ceiling tiles. She is a climber!!

Here she is with her favorite toy – one that our cat Sumo abandoned.

As a younger ferret, she chewed her way through a soft sided carrier. My kids created this meme with a picture of her half out of her purple colored carrier.

Blaze the ferret chewed through her soft sided carrier

We now have a hard-sided carrier that is escape-proof.

Blaze in the act of escaping from her cloth carrier.

Even though she gets into trouble, we still love this little squish. And she loves the kids right back. When she’s tired, she lets them snuggle her. Sometimes, she gives kisses by licking them.