I’ve decided to participate in the Wisconsin Historical Society’s COVID-19 Journal Project.  I’ve heard about this project a few times throughout the pandemic, and I assumed that in June, I had missed the deadline.  I enjoy writing and think it will be interesting to look back on this time.  So here I am typing away on my laptop.

Things are different than previous summers.  My house is quiet this morning. I am the first to wake up – typical, but we are lacking the hurried approach to mornings when we have to be somewhere by a specific time.  My husband continues to work from home, something he’s done since March. My kids, ages ten and eight, respectively, are sleeping in and enjoying lazy days of summer. 

Less scheduled days have become the norm. Summer is simpler without a morning summer school class to attend.  My kids love reading.  They spent hours reading yesterday.  This gives me time to fit in a bit of work (professionally and for our home).  We rode bikes to a friend’s house and all hung out outside.  Outside seems and feels safer than being in enclosed spaces. 

We have extended our circle of people we see.  

On Thursday, we watched both of our kids play baseball and softball games at the little league complex. It is a treat to see families and friends from school.  I can’t help but notice how much taller all of the kids seem, especially because we have not seen them for months. Both kids really enjoy playing.  Little league was one activity that was not canceled this year, so we are all grateful to have that going on throughout early August.  Kids are more spaced out, but it’s hard to keep them apart for the stretch of an entire game.  We try.