Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 5 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

Fly on the Wall Post

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Here’s who you’ll be hearing from in my house:

  • Me, Mama O.
  • Daddy O.
  • Big Sister, age 10
  • Little Brother, age 8

Since I have been writing these blog posts since 2014, I have my own Fly Post Page.  Check it out if you want to hear more craziness from my house.

Keeping Comfortable and Busy

Let me preface this with a quick comment – we are truly doing fine. There are ups and downs of a lot of family time, but we are healthy, safe, and together. We have figured out a rhythm to our days, and there’s always something good in each day (I write those things down in my gratitude journal each night). Now onto my quick story…

It started with a wet sock.

My daughter stepped on the area rug near our cat’s litter box, and told us, “Yeah, the rug is wet. It was probably Sumo (our cat).”

Ick…cleaning up cat accidents is not fun, but it ended up being worse: our water heater was leaking.

Fortunately, our trusted plumber was able to come within hours to replace our water heater. He asked us if we wanted the new water heater’s box, and our kids said, “Yes!”

Water heater box as part of a fort for kids

This box has turned into loads of fun for our kids! Their “ferret home” has expanded. Let the interior decorating commence. See more of an explanation about the ferrets on this Stay Home Challenge blog post.

Hot water and something for our kids to do = Win. Win.

Guess We Won’t be Playing Cards

Daddy O.: Is this Uno game a joke? It’s impossible to win. (He was playing with the kids.)

5 minutes later.

Daddy O.: Are you playing an April Fool’s Joke on us with this?

Me: No, but it is a new game.

Later (upon ending the game). Daddy O.: Wait, there are more cards in the box. When you play with a 1/2 deck of cards…

Me: You said it!

In that same night Daddy O. was teaching the kids how to play cribbage. They were trying to make up their own rules.

Me: What is this – rogue one and rogue two of cribbage?

Big Sister: Why would you EVER teach your kid cribbage?!

Daddy O.: Well, it teaches strategy, thinking ahead….

Big Sister: Okay. (but still not convinced)

Virtual Learning

Me: Think of me and Dad as your learning assistants.

Little Brother: I prefer servants.

Me: Geez…

Here are some pictures from virtual learning, including outdoor lunch and recess one especially beautiful day.

Little Brother doing virtual learning Go Mama O.
picnic lunch and outdoor recess Go Mama O.

Other Randomness

Little Brother asking about a song he heard on the Masked Singer: Man, I am a Woman. (Not, Man, I feel like a Woman!)

Big Sister to me: Why are you doing a braid?

I was french braiding part of my hair and replied, “Because I want to.”

Big Sister: Old people don’t do braids.

Me: Well, I guess I’m not old!

Me to Daddy O.: Coronavirus is the perfect time to use obscure kitchen gadgets: the grapefruit knife, the food processor, and the fondue pot.

Gouda fondue we made on Easter

Turn to the Light Side

Daddy O. LOVES Star Wars, so we took the time to watch all of the Star Wars movies that we own.

  • The Phantom Menace
  • Attack of the Clones
  • Revenge of the Sith
  • A New Hope
  • The Empire Strikes Back * Daddy O’s personal favorite
  • Return of the Jedi

And we did this puzzle as a family!

During our marathon, I managed to record a few funny things we said.

Both kids: Princess Leia has a FitBit.

Me: There would be fewer deaths if OSHA required handrails in Star Wars.

I hope you all can turn to the light side! Here’s my picture on Easter in front of our “Be the Good” sign (that’s slightly covered up).

Cathy O. on Easter 2020

Now shoo fly, and go check out those other blogs!