Today’s theme is light: choose the light. Be the light.

It first started with the dark side, or Darth Vader at breakfast time. I made waffles using our Star Wars themed waffle maker.

Kind of fun, and yummy, especially for Star Wars fans like Daddy O.

Then we held “family church” and the concept of light showed up in the second reading:

Brothers and sisters: You were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord.

Live as children of light, for light produces every kind of goodness and righteousness and truth.

Eph 5:8-14

As a reflection, we talked as a family about choosing the light and showing kindness to one another. This is always something we can work on, myself included. I’ve experienced stress and frustration this week and have taken it out on my family at times.

Choosing the Light Side: Star Wars

In the midst of our Star Wars marathon (starting with Episode 1 last night), we were reminded by Yoda that the dark side is full of fear, which leads to anger, suffering and hate. In contrast, the Jedi’s use the force for knowledge and good, to defend peace and justice.

Be the Light

Whether you believe in God or the simple power of good and evil (tied to Star Wars if you prefer), I think this message of choosing the light is so timely for today.

During time of darkness, it seems natural to look for the light. Aren’t we all looking for bright spots in the middle of this pandemic? Look at the many people who are the light, being the helpers for those in most need.

What ways can you choose and be the light for others in your home and community today?

Uplifting prayers for much light & love today.