Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 7 bloggers are inviting you to catch a Fly on the Wall Postglimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

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Here’s who you’ll be hearing from in my house:

  • Me, Mama O.
  • Daddy O.
  • Big Sister, age 9
  • Little Brother, age 7

Since I have been writing these blog posts since 2014, I have my own Fly Post Page.  Check it out if you want to hear more craziness from my house.

Playing Trivia with the Kids

We have this game called Beat the Parents, a trivia game where kids take on parents (obviously).  Daddy O. and I faced Big Sister, Little Brother, and their two cousins, ages 10 and 7, so we really had a good game going.

My 10 year old nephew was surprised as we talked about shots that happen at Starbucks, “What they put shots in your coffee?”  Not those kind of shots (at the doctor’s office or of the alcoholic variety)…but espresso shots!

Big Sister called out “world ball” during one answer.

“You mean a globe?” I suggested.  Yeah – that.

I asked, “What is Old Faithful?”

Little Brother shouted out, “a priest.”

Another little voice yelled, “a dog.”

Nice try…

Another question that stumped the kids, “What are blue jeans made of?”

They decided that silk was the best answer.  I guess we don’t talk about denim much. This is a really really fun game that we love playing.  Check it out if you haven’t before.

Tooth Fairy Questions

Big Sister’s tooth broke in half, so she wondered, “What does the tooth fairy do with broken teeth? Does it count as two teeth?”  Nice try…

Cold Days Call for Baking & Bundling Up

Wisconsin has had an awful winter – lots of snow and extreme cold, called a polar vortex. The kids and I decided to bake muffins on one of our snow days.

Big Sister guided me, saying, “The muffins should be golden, round, and bumpy.”

Can you tell that we watch baking shows?

On one of many horribly frigid days, I found myself sporting a fleece bathrobe over a hoodie and sweatpants.  I may have even had my hood up because I simply felt chilled to the bone.

I turned to Daddy O. and said, “Wow, this is what you married! Pretty hot, right?!”

Still Loves his Mama

We were talking about school, and Little Brother was being a little grumpy about it.  As we talked more, he shared, “I get lonely when I’m at school.  I miss you, Mama.”

This was so sweet.  I try to volunteer at his school during library time, and he really doesn’t even acknowledge me much, but he did admit that he wants me there.  I’ll take it!

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