I was going through pictures on my smartphone because after taking so many pictures on summer vacation, I needed to delete some images. I scrolled through a lot of pictures of my kids and fun things we did, and then I came to these images:

mosquito relief ideas
Hammacher Schlemmer: so many ways to beat bugs!!  

I remember paging through a Hammacher Schlemmer magazine earlier in summer, laughing at all of these mosquito repellent items (but seriously thinking that some of these might come in handy, as I am a prime target for these blood suckers).

Search “mosquito” on Hammacher Schlemmer, and there are 25 results! Quite honestly, I’m surprised that there is a demand for some of these products. There are even mosquito netting sleeves that you can just slip-on. Wow! What will they think of next?

From $9.95 to $149.95, there are many options that I could test out for keeping the bugs at bay.

Natural Remedies for Mosquitoes

I’ve tried “natural remedies” – stuffing a dryer sheet in my shoe or rubbing a dryer sheet over my clothes.  I can’t say I noticed a difference, and the dryer sheet usually just falls out of my shoe. I’ve also used natural insect repellent, which typically does okay, but proved terribly ineffective on a very buggy hike at a state park this summer.  There were literally swarms of mosquitoes that made us run back to our car after only 15 minutes of hiking. Yikes!

Time for DEET or Other Options?

When we went camping, we simply used a bug spray with DEET (a lower percentage than some).  This has worked the best for me, but maybe I could sport a mosquito net someday? Pretty hot, right?!  I haven’t tried “bug shirts,” clothing that has insect repellent in the fibers itself. I can see bugs just biting me elsewhere – unless I wear a net or try clipping on the Personal Mosquito Repeller.

I love the great outdoors, but wish bugs would love me a little less.

I may just end up scratching away at my mosquito bites, OR put some of these items on my Christmas list.

Would you try any of these mosquito repellent products?