You Might be Home with Kids for Summer if…

Who’s ready for school again?! This post is from a year ago, but it still holds true today!

go mama o

  1. Your vehicle is gaining its own garbage dump.
  2. A moldy piece of fruit is found in aforementioned dump.
  3. You feel like you could be an Uber driver with all the taxi-ing you do.
  4. You hear “I’m bored.” at least once a day.
  5. You feel like a cruise director, trying to entertain your kids with some activity each day.
  6. You’ve heard your kids say, “You’re the worst ___ (insert family member title here eg. brother / sister / mom / dad) EVER!”
  7. Your grocery shopping can’t keep up with all the eating that goes on, and you constantly say, “Really, that’s gone already?!”
  8. Camp chairs, seat cushions, and a picnic blanket become permanent fixtures in your trunk.
  9. You’ve let your kids buy junky toys that fall apart in a matter of days hours. See this post for that story!
  10. You have a countdown to the first day of school.

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