Well, Color Me (sort of) Happy

I was coloring plein air this morning at the park. It was a breezy, sunny fall day. The kind that requires jeans and a sweatshirt. YES! My kind of weather in Wisconsin! Here’s what I was working on:


I found this gem at JoAnn Fabrics. To give credit where it’s due – the book is by Lacy Mucklow, Illustrated by Angela Porter

It’s fun! My 5 and 6 year old kids even take turns coloring the same picture as me or working on their own, so it’s a shared portable coloring book.

What makes me laugh though is the introduction. It talks about common sources of stress in life and how each chapter of designs can help counteract stress and overall promote well-being. Great. I’ll take it!

Keep on reading, and you’ll find a disclaimer.  This book…

“is not meant to replace the services of a professional therapist if more direct intervention and personal guidance are needed.” 

Ha! Gotta love disclaimers! If you have an adult coloring book, see if there’s a similar statement in the introduction. Comment below and share what it says!

Cheers & color on!

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