This week is our first full week of summer vacation. School officially ended mid-last week, and we started off this week by being part of our church’s vacation bible school.  I have volunteered in years past and am volunteering again this year. The best part – both of my children are now attending as “campers.”  It IS a really wonderful week for kids, volunteers, and adults alike.

The theme is Cave Quest, which is woven through each activity, from games, music, and art / science, to Bible stories, video and snack. So much happens during this week from 9am – 12 noon.  It is jam-packed with fun, and these take-home secret maps.

Cave Quest Vacation Bible School
Top Secret Maps contain the Bible Story of the day and remind kids of what they learned.

This year there is record attendance – especially with the lower aged kids (starting at age 3). It really is a blessing!  Yesterday, as part of the kitchen, I helped prepare 200 waffles for snack.  Yikes – so glad we had a lot of hands to help and an industrial sized kitchen. I’m happy to contribute to some of the work of each day and love hearing my kids stories as we drive home each day. Today the Golden Rule was one of the lessons learned – and I was so pleased when I saw my son sharing at lunchtime without being asked.

I had asked some coordinators about the high attendance, knowing that we pulled from area churches. One parent shared that she knows of families who use Vacation Bible School as a form of inexpensive childcare, signing their kids up for three or five different sessions in the area! Really?! I found this surprising! I guess that’s one way of getting mornings free for several weeks, and there ARE worse things that you could have your kids attend. I’d like to think of vacation bible school as MUCH more than childcare…Kids are learning about their faith, meeting other kids, and having fun!

Are there other unique ways that parents find childcare that you find surprising?!