Just over a year ago today we were in the Polar Vortex! I found myself wearing the same gray balaclava this morning as we faced -10 windchill readings. Still I dropped my kids off at school and ran a few errands. Everyday life goes on no matter the temperature! I am happy to be inside, relaxing a bit with a cup of chai tea. As we often tell ourselves on such frigid days, well, at least it is sunny outside! Have a great day!

go mama o.

Here’s how I rocked it this morning while dressing up to drive my daughter to school:

#winning! Screw you polar vortex - we're still going out of the house! Mama O. #winning! Screw you polar vortex – we’re still going out of the house!

With wind chill, it was -25 below zero, so we were dressed in MANY layers.  My daughter shared that her teacher talked about how to dress in the arctic, so she willingly layered on snowpants, boots, hat, mittens, and let me wrap a big scarf around her face, so just her eyes were showing too.  I broke out my long underwear and even layered a tight fitting beanie hat under my balaclava. I’ve lost all sense of style (but I AM smiling with my eyes. Can’t you tell? Thanks to watching America’s Next Top Model, I know that’s a thing.), but I don’t care! I was warm and set a good example for my kids! Some other parents weren’t…

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