silly christmas pictures

Going through a few pictures on my camera, I came across these “gems” that will likely not be prominently displayed anywhere, or without some cropping. Here’s why (from top left) –

  1. Me in my new sleeping bag – just being a goof. This is my only picture from Christmas day. Otherwise I was taking pictures.
  2. Daddy O. – nice grumpy old man face with a bow on top. This one might be kept for blackmail.
  3. Kids and their Digi Owls from Santa. It’s next to impossible to have both kids smiling with eyes open & alert.
  4. Me and big sister on Christmas Eve. She chose the pink tights with her red dress. It really stands out here!

These few crappy pictures aside, there are many good ones that document a lovely Christmas season that went by very quickly. Like this one…

Nice Christmas pic with an Owl

Our family posing with an owl!? Happy 2016 – much like these pictures, may we all enjoy and embrace the imperfectness and uniqueness of one another in everyday life!