I am saddened by the news of the recent mass shooting in San Bernadino. With a heavy heart, I share some thoughts that I wrote back in December 2012 in response to the Sandy Hook shootings. I hope that there is some “light” that can be seen to change hearts and minds to stop all this violence.

go mama o.

Our Christmas Tree with white lights 2012 Our Christmas Tree 2012

When I put the lights on our Christmas tree every year, I like to use what I call the “squint test.”  This means that I step back from the tree and squint my eyes once the lights are on to see if there are many points of white light to make our tree shiny and beautiful.

In the wake of yesterday’s shooting massacre, I find myself squinting to see the light again during this holiday season.  My heart aches with prayers for heaven’s newest angels, for their loved ones left behind, for all parents, and for everyone searching for answers in such a violent year full of too many tragedies.  Is it possible to squint real hard to see the light and have some hope?

Life is precious and delicate – a concept put beautifully by Little Miss Wordy in her post yesterday.   I had…

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