If there’s any holiday that is best represented by the kitchen table, it’s definitely Thanksgiving. I’ve been thinking about my own kitchen table lately and the memories that it holds for me and my family. It was passed down from my grandparents, as my first “real furniture table” after graduating from college.

A few months ago while cleaning, I discovered this treasure under my son’s chair.

Grandmas Table and notes
Bob home from Service April 5, 1969. Got set for Easter.

This was my grandma’s writing, and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t noticed it in the ten plus years since I’ve had this table! I’ve found similar notes from her in other special pieces of china that I have of hers, and I love seeing these notes.  I like to think back to what life was like back in 1969 for my grandparents and dad, their only child, and what a special Easter it must have been as my dad finished his Army service.

Over the past 45 years this table has seen, heard, and experienced a lot! Just a few memories that come to mind:

As kids we always ate pizza on Christmas Eve after church before sleeping over at Grandma and Grandpa’s. There are some Christmas Eves where I serve my family pizza after church too.

I can’t even count the number of times that we ate cookies at Grandma’s house around this table!

Overall, I have fond memories of their cozy kitchen and dining area. I remember being in the kitchen area and listening to my Grandpa tell stories or joke around, making Grandma chuckle and shake her head, as she always did.

Fast forward to when the kitchen table became mine: Daddy O. (at the time just Boyfriend O.) proposed to me in front of this kitchen table ten years ago when we were living several states away.

Fiance O. and I enjoyed meals for two at this table.

Kitchen table Christmas 2005
Kitchen Table with Grandma’s tablecloth – Christmas 2005
Mrs. O and Kitchen table Dec. 2006
Mrs. O. (now married to Mr. O.) – Christmas 2005

This table moved from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin with us to host more family gatherings. Our cat Sumo really liked hiding on the chairs with the tablecloth on.

Kitchen Table with cat 2007
Sumo Kitty likes sitting at the kitchen table – 2007.

Six years ago I hosted Thanksgiving with my two-week old daughter! That was a crazy holiday!! I don’t have a picture of us eating at the table (did I even eat?!), but here was our little family:

Thanksgiving 2009
Mama O., our cute little turkey, and Daddy O.

In a few months and two years later our kitchen table chairs would change to accommodate multiple high chairs.

kitchen table 2010 with a high chair
At the kitchen table, introducing rice cereal to our baby girl in 2010.
Kitchen Table with two kids
Little brother eating rice cereal in his high chair. And then there were two high chairs at our kitchen table!

And then the years flew by with our kitchen table witnessing many messy meals, fewer fancy table settings in favor of kid-friendly items, countless art projects, game nights, birthday parties, gatherings of friends & family, and thousand of family meals.

kitchen table through the years
Little Brother playing with his food, celebrating Big Sister’s 3rd and 5th birthdays, and Little Brother’s 2nd birthday.

Kitchen table, you have been a trusty companion for several generations of our family. I cherish the many memories I have of those who have sat around you and shared in so many celebrations and the simple everyday meals- so many blessings to count as we celebrate your BIG holiday tomorrow.