Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 14 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

Little Brother Highlights

We recently said happy 4th Birthday to my baby boy! On his actual birthday, when I told him I loved him, he said, “I love you more!” So sweet!

Birthday boy taking good care of Spotty, his pet leopard.
Birthday boy taking good care of Spotty, his pet leopard (and bday gift).

While we were driving in the car, my son explains,

Owly (his stuffed owl) doesn’t like things that are boring.

Big sister chimes in, “Grown-ups are boring!”

My reply, “Hey kids, I heard that.” Sigh!

Since I’m home with him most of the week now (save for two mornings a week when he’s in preschool), he is around while I do most of our housework. He took an interest in folding one day, and showed me how it’s done. In the upper left image, he instructed, “And now you give it a hug!”  There is his “finished product” in our linen closet. A few lessons: find the joy in the mundane, and take whatever help you can get, even if it’s the work of a four year old!


Big Sister’s Highlights

I’ll lead with my favorite thing I heard since last month from my kindergartner:

I miss you, mom, and dad when I’m off at school!

She was explaining this to her brother, saying what a long day it is, and YES, I have to agree! We miss you too big girl!

Other things she’s asked,

Is this syrup from the log cabin? (Reading the brand on the label)

Do bananas talk?

My reply, “What do you think? I think they can talk in your imagination.”

Little brother says quickly, “They don’t.”

Big sister, “Yes, they do.”

Little brother, clarifying, “They whisper.”

Almost every night or every morning, she has been commenting that people in China are waking up or going to bed (basically the opposite of what we’re doing). I asked her how she knew this, and she said, “I was just born knowing that.”

One Last Camping Trip

We enjoyed one last camping trip in late September, taking our two kids and nephews camping at a nearby site. Everyone had a great time, especially our oldest nephew. As we woke up in our tent early Saturday morning, he asked us earnestly, “Are we going to cook the old fashioned way?” I think he meant over a campfire, but it just sounded so cute! We broke out our propane camp stove and cooked breakfast that way.

Later that morning we did some hiking.  I had my hands full with my purse and several bags for the “treasures” that the kids found as part of the nature scavenger hunt, so I turned to Daddy O. and, much to my own embarrassment said, “I kind of wish I had a fanny pack!” Do cool, water-bottle holding type fanny packs exist??

Off and running on the trail!
Off and running on the trail!

This was our view from the trails – kids running on ahead of us! We all enjoyed the beautiful views and fantastic weather.

As you will only hear up north

Earlier this month, I went up north for a girls’ weekend to celebrate my sister’s birthday. We went to a small dive bar and took over the jukebox to play some dance music. During the night, I heard a guy say,

I got so hot that I took off my long underwear.

And to one guy wearing a blaze orange hat, a girl in our group said,

Did you think you were going to get shot while golfing?

Only in a bar up north will you encounter long underwear, camo, and blaze orange! Good times!

A Morning Observation

Daddy O. is typically the last one to wake up in our house. He likes to sleep in when he can, but this doesn’t happen often. Over the weekend, he commented

Our son in extra loud this morning.

My reply, “Little boys only have one volume!”

A Little Distracted

As many parents will agree, I’ve found it’s difficult to carve out my own time when my kids are vying for my attention. I came across these pictures, when my kids climbed on my lap and shoved their heads in between my face and my smartphone. THAT got my attention.

funny faces
Because taking silly selfies is more fun than just giving mom some time on her phone.

Similarly, my son climbs on my lap when I’m on the computer, saying, “Mom, get off the computer!”  Jeez – it’s tough to blog these days!

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