Want a feel-good story about the power of bloggers? Look no farther than my friend Kerry’s post about building a library on the Galapagos Islands. Read on & see if you can help!!

Kerry On!

Welcome and Thank You! Welcome New Friends!

When I wrote my initial blog post about my quest to create a better library at Matt’s school http://kerryedwyer.com/2015/07/10/one-book-at-a-time/, I thought that in addition to proving to family and friends that I don’t just go to the beach, it might spur some folks to collect and donate books to the school. Shameless, I know, but many of you have started doing just that. Previously, as I was researching the library project, my librarian cousin Patty suggested that I join the ALA Think Tank Facebook page so I could pose questions or might see other questions similar to mine. I joined the page and subsequently on July 13 posted my blog post on the ALA page with the introductory message:

Hello. I am trying to improve a primitive library at a school on the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador). My husband is the school director and I am the volunteer librarian (no MLIS degree…

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