Fly on the Wall: Dreaming of Kiddie Cocktails

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. I’ve been part of this very entertaining group post 9 other times and love it so much that I’ve dedicated a Fly Page on my blog.

For my 10th edition of Fly on the Wall (yay!), I join 18 bloggers who are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d hear and see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

More Kiddie Cocktails

The theme and topic of kiddie cocktails has come up in Fly in the Wall before. I wrote about it back in January, when little brother asked for a kiddie cocktail before noon. We just went to a wedding as a whole family, and Daddy O. ordered the kids their own very special kiddie cocktail (it’s just 7Up with cherry juice).  This experience has kept kiddie cocktails on the brain! The latest quotes:

  • Big sister at breakfast: Do we have 7Up? I feel like a kiddie cocktail.
  • Me: (to both my 3 & 5 year old when getting them up) What did you dream about last night? Star Wars? Big sister’s reply: I dreamed about kiddie cocktail in my mouth. That was the silliest dream ever.
Me with little brother and big sister (post kiddie cocktail)

Me with little brother and big sister (post kiddie cocktail)

Accident Pants

Sleepovers are a very exciting occasion for our kids. The kids pack up their backpacks on their own and request their sleeping bags for spending the night anywhere! We were reviewing all the things that little brother had packed in his backpack to make sure he was all set.

Little brother explained, “These are my accident pants.”

Daddy O. replied, “Let’s call them your backup pants.”  I added, “Or your just-in-case pants.”

Little brother insisted, “No, my accident pants.”

Okay, then! Needless to say, no accident pants were needed on that trip, but hey, he’s three, so accident pants are totally acceptable. Come to think of it, I pack a lot of just-in-case clothes on any trip!

Dinner Time Comments

I shared with my family before dinner, “We’re going to have something yummy for dinner.”

Little brother guessed, “Cereal?!”

My response – “I guess that WOULD be something yummy for you!” Hmmm…what does that say about my cooking?!

Random Comments from my 5 year old

  • Everyone in my family is trying to be the boss of me!! (in response, we now tell her to be a good boss of herself when getting ready in the morning.)
  • After telling me what nightgown she was going to wear, I agreed that it was a good choice because I sneaked it out of her room and just washed it. She explained, “Mom, you have to sneak-wash my clothes.” And yes, for her favorites, I do need to employ the sneak-wash method!
  • I’m cute, but I’m not fluffy (giggles).
  • Naked people don’t like company. (Let’s stick with that idea for a LONG TIME!)
  • You know what lesson I learned? (Me: No, what?) Big sister in a very serious, almost stern voice: NEVER eat soggy waffles.

Little Brother Being Sweet

Me to little brother: You give the best hugs.

Little brother: That’s because I love you.

While playing, little brother explains, “I won’t shoot you because I love you.” My three year old does not extend the same kindness to his sister!

Big Sister Being Sweet

My daughter is typically a daddy’s girl through & through, but we’ve enjoyed some good mother-daughter bonding time, and I can’t help but be so proud of how sweet she can be. I think she’s learned a lot being in school and playing with other kids, which is awesome!!

One day she was helping me clean up a game we were done playing, so I said, “Thanks for helping.”

Her reply, “I’m a helper; that’s the way God made me.”

I gave her a little hug and said, “I love that God made you a helper.”

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19 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Dreaming of Kiddie Cocktails

  1. Cereal being yummy just means he’s got simple tastes and hopefully he won’t need complicated recipes to make him happy! Less work for you!

  2. “Naked people don’t like company. (Let’s stick with that idea for a LONG TIME!)”
    Exactly, lol!!!!

    I remember my “kiddie cocktails” were called Shirley Temples. Way back when, it was somewhat acceptable for a man to bring his 4-year-old daughter to the bar out in the middle of nowhere with him. The bartender there was awesome and made the best Shirley Temples for me 🙂

  3. “Naked people don’t need company” is a great rule…going to share that with my son!!!! AJ used to love cereal, now he rolls his eyes at it, not sure why?

    • Cereal isn’t as big as it once was for my daughter either. But we’ve also been eating more eggs for breakfast instead, so I think she’s taking a cue from what her dad eats & makes. Still, eating preferences can change so often!

  4. My “kiddie cocktails” were virgin daiquiris. Mmmmm.

    I’ll have to take the lesson into account and never eat soggy waffles. The 5 year old has spoken!

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