My all-time favorite Christmas “gift” was the luxurious amount of vacation time that my husband and I enjoyed!! We spent our days off seeing family, friends, hanging out at home, and checking out a local indoor waterpark. It was lovely to say the least. Daddy O. is a bit bummed about heading back to a full week of work, while I’m happy to be continuing my part-time work week of two days. 🙂

If I had to choose two favorite Christmas gifts (besides the gift of vacation time), I would hands down choose the presents from my kids. They (and their teachers) made such unique and adorable gifts, and they were so excited to place them under the tree for me & Daddy O. How cute are these presents?!

handmade gifts from my kids
Hand decorated plate from my little deer, Christmas card and snowman from my daughter.

The plate that my son made is not currently glazed, so I think it may have to be a wall-hanging, unless I am able to “finish it” so it could be safe to wash.  I would hate to wash away his artwork and hand- and footprints! If you have any advice on how to glaze it (maybe Modge Podge?), please let me know in the comments.

My daughter made a snowman filled with rice and socks.  It is really cute! I also love the card that she made. Her fingerprints make up the Christmas lights border.

Serious kudos to my kids’ teachers for organizing and executing such lovely gifts!

What was your favorite Christmas gift? If you didn’t have one per se, what was your favorite highlight of the season?