In my last post, 5 Things in my Holiday Survival Kit, I talked about things that will help make our holidays less stressful and more enjoyable.  One ESSENTIAL that I named on that list was something called the Internet!

It was such a broad category that I decided to break it down a bit more because, after all, the Internet and overnight shipping can be a handy friend in surviving the holiday shopping rush!

Through my inbox, Pinterest, talking with family & friends, I’ve turned more and more to the Internet to shop each year. It’s such an easy and efficient way to shop – especially for a busy mom like me.

Here are a few sites and gift ideas to consider for finishing up your shopping:

  • Get Crafty – I came across this cool DIY sign at Crafted in Carhartt today. I like the idea of making your own gifts if time (and ability) permits. When your own ability fails, turn to other options on this list.
  • Etsy – For finding unique gifts, Etsy is a great choice! I am a Wisconsin fan, so I think this Wisconsin shaped cutting board is a fun gift. I also heart this Wisconsin necklaces (hint, hint Daddy O.)!
  • For hard to shop for people, I think food or beverages are nice options. I’ve gifted Omaha steaks, seasonings, Arty’s Old Fashioneds in bottles, wine, and the always popular fruit basket.
  • Very manly options – this site called Man Crates features wooden boxes filled with all sorts of awesome gifts for men that you have to open with a crowbar. They range in price and theme, so they can be tailored to any important man in your life.
  • Unisex Exchange Gifts – in the past I have received a mini herb garden, wine bottle sampler, and various board games.
  • Experience Ideas – In lieu of something tangible, a gift certificate for a class, sporting event, concert, or restaurant is always fun.

Happy Shopping & Happy Holidays!