I heard myself talking with my sister about some things going awry on my days at home with the kids, and it struck me that I am experiencing KID SABOTAGE from time to time.

What is Kid Sabotage?

The best way to define kid sabotage is a time when your own, adult plans are abruptly derailed due to your kids’ behavior. It’s a reality of being a parent – your time is not 100% your own anymore with kids who need your attention, care, and love.  And I’m okay with that…though I can’t help but get annoyed when I’m victim to kid sabotage.

my reaction to kid sabotage
Here’s my immediate reaction to kid sabotage (captured thanks to my dear husband)

Examples of kid sabotage:

  • I sit down after lunch to quickly pay some bills online. My dear son manages to press that big round button next to the green light and turn off the computer.
  • I just replaced the bathmat only to have my son “miss” the toilet. Laundry is a constant in our house…oh well.
  • My daughter shows me an unwrapped gift that I JUST bought an hour earlier for a friend. At least it was a gift bag & ribbon, so I could re-assemble it without anyone knowing.
  • Any phone conversation interrupted by, “Mom, Mom, hey Mom.”  You know the drill!
  • Freshly folded stack of laundry being “attacked” by my son. No idea why he likes messing up laundry so much!!
  • My son refusing to wear a pumpkin costume that his grandma & I spent a lot of time making. I told him he HAS to wear it at least once!
  • This one is part kid / part mom sabotage – the ONE TIME I forget to pack a change of clothes my son pooped his pants at the park. I did have some wipes and a spare diaper to help us through that situation.  As the saying goes, sh*t happens!
I can't stay mad at these cuties for long!
I can’t stay mad at these cuties for long!

I love my kids dearly, and I try not to react too harshly to moments of kid sabotage.  They are just KIDS (ages 3 and almost 5) after all. More often than not (as in the unexpected computer shutdown) I know they just want to be by me and are too young to understand needing some space and time to oneself. HOPEFULLY I can teach them that and establish a quiet-time in lieu of the now-extinct nap-time.

What are your favorite kid sabotage moments?