I can hardly believe that I now have a school-age daughter! Okay, so she only goes for mornings, but we are fully “in school” Monday through Friday now.  Last week to her delight, she hopped out of bed, willingly got ready, and ran off ahead of me, little brother and Daddy O. to her bus stop.  Before we left the house, I did capture this picture.

Big sister waving goodbye on her 1st day of school. Sniff. Sniff.
Big sister waving goodbye on her 1st day of school. Sniff. Sniff.

I’m so glad I took this picture, because when the bus came and stopped, she ran across the street so quickly to get on it.  Too fast. Too fast for me to balance my umbrella and quick snap a picture, but that’s okay.  I have good memories of her excitedly bounding off to the bus with an ear to ear grin spread across her face.  She left me there with a few tears, sneaking out of the corner of my eyes, while her little brother kept asking where she was going.  Daddy O. gave me a hug, reassuring me that I had done a good job preparing her for school.

Still…my first born, getting so grown up! I can remember those early days that were so wonderfully new and so dreadfully tiring. And those potty training days that were so frustrating. This is one strong willed girl! And to think only last summer she was growling at strangers. Those days seem so far away when I look at my daughter today. I am so proud of her.

To my surprise, I managed to convince myself that I didn’t need to get in my car and drive behind the bus.  My more practical side overpowered the “crazy mom” in me, thinking that I may not even be able to see her while she exited the bus. So little brother and I hung out while she was away. It was weird. Quieter.

I waited anxiously by the front window, peering out to see when her bus would be coming.  I realized that this waiting would be something I would have to grow accustomed to….whether waiting for her to come back from school, return from a friend’s house, and eventually drive the car home herself (yikes)! Thus is the life of a parent – spending so much time together in the early years (thinking they’ll never end some days), then slowly letting them go a bit more as they grow up (and being all crazy-mom emotional about it at times too).

She did come home and immediately told me, “some kids were arguing, but not me, Mom.” And then, “We had cheezies for snack.”  Great. Day 1 = success!

While I’d love to press the pause button through all of this, I know I have to simply breathe deep and take it all in, savoring these big milestones and the little ones too.

Other parents, how are you holding up on the first days of school?