I have A LOT of pictures on my blog of my kids, and I truly love seeing them grow up as brother and sister.  They are best buds, well most of the time when someone isn’t taking a toy away or wrestling the other!

It reminds me of my own childhood, growing up with my sister.  We had our phases of teasing, name-calling (buttwipe and poopstain were favorites), reading my older sister’s diary, pulling pranks (mostly on gullible me), and pinning one another down to spit on the other’s face. Later on in high school we came to appreciate each other more as we shared clothes!  It was when my big sister moved away to college that we really grew close.

As she so often reminds me, she paved the way for me and made my life easier.  She “broke-in” Mom and Dad and headed to the big city of Madison for college, where I later followed and became her roommate my sophomore year. We grew closer through the years, becoming best friends who understand each other in ways outsiders cannot. We can also be so very honest with each other (in a way only family can do) and help each other through whatever life brings – marriage, kids, sickness, happiness, etc.

I came across these oldie, but goodie pictures from 2005.  Like good friends do, we asked each other if we had anything in our teeth in the top picture.  Satisfied that we were okay, we smiled for the picture below.

2005 shot - Checking to make sure our smiles are food-free.
I love my sister! 2005 shot – Checking to make sure our smiles are food-free.

I can’t imagine my life without her and her lovely family.  We are fortunate to live close by and frequently have play dates with our energetic and fun kids, all aged 2.5 – almost 6.  Love ya sis!  See ya soon!