I have been saving a receipt for almost ONE entire year. Being the bargain shopper that I am, this Kohl’s receipt is a sign of my finest shopping victory. Just look at the Total Saved below:

Receipt from Kohl's from saving a LOT of money in one trip
Super Shopping Savings!

That’s right – I spent $50.45 and SAVED $253.98! I mostly purchased winter clearance girls’ clothing with some pieces costing around $1.00 after using my 30% off coupon and Kohl’s charge. I even earned $10 Kohl’s cash to spend on another visit to the store, only adding to my savings.

This pricing strategy is genius.

It feeds into my own thrill of saving and bargain hunting and encourages me to return to the store with additional offers (Kohl’s Cash) and other savings events throughout the year for Kohl’s credit cardholders. I had another receipt where I also surpassed the $200 level in total amount saved – also from around this same time last year.

I enjoy receiving the coupons every two months or so, when I have to peel of the sticker to reveal my savings.  It’s like a lottery ticket, except my cash is going to Kohl’s when I shop there!  This plays nicely into their tagline, “It’s like getting paid to shop.”

Their marketing strategy is a bulls-eye with me, and it’s no surprise, as Kohl’s caters to the middle of the market (it is not an upscale department store nor a mass merchandiser), making money-savvy moms a main target market.  I’ve remained a loyal customer for many years and am planning a return trip with my newly received 20% off savings coupon.

Disclaimer: these views are purely my own and no cash was received to write this post.  To clarify, no monies have EVER been received for writing Go Mama O.

Do you have a favorite store that really does a great job on promotion?  Are you a coupon-cutter, bargain hunter too?  Nothing beats the winter blahs for me like bargain hunting every so often.  Stay warm & shop online as needed!  Cheers!