In honor of Veteran’s Day, I’m reblogging my July 3rd post about my Grandpa as a way to remember and honor his service. A heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the men and women who serve or have served in the armed forces.

go mama o.

Though I wrote this post 2 years ago, it still is the most appropriate post for July 3rd in honor of my grandpa and all veterans.  Remember those who served and payed the ultimate sacrifice for our country in the midst of all the Independence Day Festivities!

Every year around July 4th (or even on Memorial Day), I get a little sentimental remembering my grandpa, who served in WWII.  Seeing the veterans march in any parade makes me think of him, his incredible stories, silly German phrases, and his sense of fun he’d bring to any occasion. July 3 was his birthday, so naturally he was on my mind.

I came across a letter he wrote me for my 18th birthday (he passed away when I was 21), and it’s as if I can hear his voice saying these things to me.

Though his penmanship is quite lovely, I will…

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