This is an awesome collaborative post that I read on The Sadder But Wiser Girl. I completely agreed with so many of their comments – YES, my glasses have taken a beating. I’ve become immune to bodily fluids that are not my own (pretty much anyway). And I’ve been used as a human Kleenex. I am also afraid of getting a head butt in the mouth and losing a tooth someday. Accidental head butts / bonks to the nose are the worst too. These all must be part of the universal mom experience! Read on & let me know if you agree!

The Sadder But Wiser Girl

It started as kind of a joke.  Some blogging friends and I were talking about those things that the parenting books, such as What To Expect When You’re Expecting, didn’t prepare us for. Then a very smart person said “Hey, why don’t we write a group post?”

And we made it so.  The result, as my friend Stephanie described it, “epic”.  The following is a compilation of thoughts about those very things that we weren’t expecting.  Since there are eight contributions, it is a bit long, but totally worth the read!

Mommy For RealStephanie Sprenger- Mommy, for Real

A friend of mine told me last week about an unsavory incident she experienced during a game of peekaboo with her toddler. While my friend obediently covered her eyes, her two year old daughter put her tongue in Mommy’s mouth. Ew. See, these are the things we have come to expect as parents. There…

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