Musings on Summer

As summer comes to a close, and the last few weeks are filled with several “last hurrah” outings and road-trips, I’ve been reflecting on summer, and wanted to share a quick list:

1. How do mosquitos automatically know exactly where to sting you, so it is terribly annoying?  For me, it’s my ankles. GRR!

2. It’s perfectly acceptable to eat ice cream every day.

3. Sunscreen can be a kind of perfume, right?!  It also doubles as a heavy duty moisturizer.

4. You can find tasty treats – anything deep fried, with bacon, or chocolate dipped at local fairs.  Today I had a bite-sized bacon wrapped brownie!  It was delish!

5. Kids find sand & dirt to dig and play in wherever we go.  Even if it’s not bath night, I just let them go.

6. Fireworks are loud & scary to young kids.  We watched some from inside our house, (shot off from a nearby park) and my daughter said she wants to watch fireworks from inside all the time.

7. A picnic doesn’t have to be a big ordeal.  We have just grabbed a blanket, throw some food together, and enjoyed eating al fresco in our own yard.  For winter time, we do this in our living room!

8. Bedtimes tend to get later as we enjoy every last minute of sunshine and beautiful weather.  Plus, kids don’t like to sleep when the sun is still out.

9. Kids will get bored, while us parents scratch our heads amazed at how quickly summer flies by.

10. Housework and yard work can wait because, it’s summer, and it only lasts so long.

Happy summer!  What things are quintessential summer to you?

7 thoughts on “Musings on Summer

  1. The really tough thing is with so many school districts throughout the country starting in early august it doesn’t give much time for family time.

  2. I have a quick answer to #1 on your list. orajel! It stops the itching instantly and it doesn’t leave a weird smell or sticky film. Got this tip from Pinterest. God, I love pinterest…How did we go so long without it!

  3. We are headed to our fair this week! I hope they have some bacon wrapped brownies there! Have the mosquitoes been bad by you? Normally by this time of year they are horrid and I haven’t seen any or been bitten this summer. How weird is that?? I hate bites on my toes!

    • Hi Melissa! A local bar catered a picnic we were at and brought bacon wrapped brownie. Good luck finding some goodies at the fair! The bugs were worse in July and are not bad now that it is cooler. Hooray! I know – bites on your toes and ankles are the worst!

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