Best Cheese Billboard to be in Museum!!

Exciting news – the BEST Cheese Billboard will be part of the Museum of Signs and Industry (under the Ingest category of course).

After reading Joan’s post on Sign Language, I submitted this billboard to the Museum (something ANYONE can do).

Get Your Awesomeness Here!

Best Sign EVER!

Just one day after submitting an image and description, I received this email from the Museum of Signs and Industry:

Hi Cathy,

Thanks for the pic! Great shot! Look for it updated on the site coming up under the category Ingest!


Museum Curation Staff

Hooray!! I’m glad a little piece of Wisconsin cheese love will be recognized along with many other very quirky, fun, and vintage signs on the site.  Check out the Sign Language post at The Thing about Joan to see some of the signs that she has discovered through the years.

What’s your favorite sign?  (No, that’s not to be construed as a pick-up line.)  Share it with me and submit it to the Museum.

8 thoughts on “Best Cheese Billboard to be in Museum!!

  1. Great ideas! I knew i had a problem when my 3 year old started wandering around mumbling “idiot” when she would get upset. Thankfully it was only that and not some other choice word. 🙂 I am going to put a bottle of bubbles in the car today. It’ll do double duty, calm me down and make my kids think I am the coolest. mom. ever.

  2. Sorry for that last comment! I was posting from my phone and clearly messed it up. 🙂 What I meant to post to you was that this is such a fun idea and I am totally going to be on the lookout for signs now! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I always giggle a bit when we pass the sign for “Bong recreational area” going toward Gurnee Mills.

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