Not Sensitive – Just Crabby!

I am feeling a little crabby.

I can’t help but feel crabby when I have a head cold, I keep waking up to single digit temperatures, and I still see snow on the ground!  When will winter end?!  Plus my NCAA bracket is completely busted thanks to the loss of my Wisconsin Badgers.  Crabby!

Whenever I use the word crabby, I am reminded of the daily report card that day care would use.  There were three check boxes to describe the child’s mood for the day.

Your child was feeling:

  • Happy
  • Tired
  • Sensitive

Notice it would say sensitive – not crabby!  On days when sensitive was checked, I’d ask, “Was she crabby today?”  The teacher would calmly reply, “Yes, she was a bit sensitive.”  No, just say it with me – CRABBY!

We say crabby all the time in our house. You ARE crabby, and saying sensitive just doesn’t cut the mustard! Big sister will throw a tantrum, go to her room, and (on really awesome days) put herself down for a nap.  When I ask her how she’s doing after the tantrum settles down, she’ll say, “I was a little crabby…”

I say you need to just be crabby and get it out of your system! I have good things in the works that are already replacing my crabbiness, so I know this crabby time will pass.  In the meantime, don’t call me sensitive – crabby is just fine with me!

6 thoughts on “Not Sensitive – Just Crabby!

    • It was so funny how the teachers would NOT say crabby. It is a mood – not a label, or like saying your child was a holy terror today. Thanks so much for all of your reading and commenting Melissa! 🙂

    • I know – we are! I’m sure I’ll see that more as my kids start going to school. There are probably many things that can’t be said….

      I’m over my crabbiness after having a great weekend get-away to recharge!

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