As I write this, I am pinching myself (figuratively of course).  In my job search, I have submitted a few resumes with professionally crafted cover letters (or “notes” as stated in one application), talked with my wonderful references, former colleagues, family and friends, browsed around LinkedIn, and checked out job openings. This is all typical, plain old job search stuff that we all expect and love, right?

And then I received an interesting phone call from one of my former bosses, also one of my references.  He thought there may be an opportunity where he worked, and asked if I would be interested.  He ran through the job – similar to work I had done before. It could be performed remotely (a.k.a my home) during the course of my current routine (a.k.a. naptime or post-bedtime), and an estimated pay rate.  I couldn’t see a downside to any project work that could easily be done at my convenience for a short duration. I was up for anything.

Another two phone calls later, and I had negotiated a favorable pay rate and started getting the details of the project on a conference call. This organization has other employees who work remotely, and commonly use contractors, who are also stay at home moms, so they are accustomed to non-standard work arrangements.  Hooray – such places do exist!

I started more than a week ago and am getting closer to wrapping up this project.  It’s been great being really busy, balancing work, throwing a first birthday party for my son, and keeping up with regular family / household things, blogging etc.  Sure, moving forward I may have to re-balance in some areas, but all in all, it’s been welcome and enjoyable being able to contribute to this organization.  I think I DO have it all right now, and I couldn’t feel any luckier!