#TBT Our Wedding Soundtrack – 10 Years Ago

I can hardly believe it’s been 10 years since Daddy O. and I got hitched! We’ve been so very blessed these past ten years, and I can’t help but get all sentimental about it! Check out a few of my favorite pictures from one of the best days of my life:

Wedding Collage - Images by Tiffany

Wedding Collage – Images by Tiffany

I’ve been listening to some of our music from that day, so I thought I’d share some of our wedding soundtrack as a #ThrowbackThursday. As you can see from some of the images above, we have extremely talented family and friends.  My mom and mother in law sang and played piano during mass. My bridesmaid played a flute solo. Our maid of honor and groomsman sang “Come What May,” and rocked it better than Ewan and Nicole did (in my humble opinion).

And Daddy O. found this beautiful song for when I walked down the aisle. Love it! I suggested we wake up to this every morning! “The Great Gate of Kiev.

Our first dance was to Norah Jones, “Come Away with Me.”

And we danced with our parents to Frank Sinatra, “All the Way.”

Cheers DaddyO!  Love you and the family we started 10 years ago!


#ThrowbackThursday: Halloween Crafts Through the Years

In the spirit of Halloween and #tbt, I wanted to share our Halloween crafts that are now decorating our dining room walls.  Many are a throwback to my kids crafts that they made in years past. I save special art projects in a big plastic tub that is stored under my daughter’s bed, and rummage through it as the seasons change for decorations.

The kids helped me arrange their crafts (my son’s on the right; my daughter’s on the left) and most of them ended up on our dining room wall.  Here they are in their glory:

halloween crafts Go Mama O.

From top: all of the crafts together, spider web plate, pumpkin on a paper plate, bat handprint craft.

While I don’t have step by step instructions, I think many of the pictures are self-explanatory, but to help you out, here are some notes:

  • The ghosts are probably the oldest projects that we have. The kids made them using marbles dipped in paint and rolling them around over the ghost cut out in a tub. I have an old wash bin that I like to use for such projects.
  • I LOVE the hand print bats! My son and daughter each have some, and we hung more up on our dining room chandelier.
  • The spider on the purple plate was a craft that a room mom prepared for a 4K Halloween party. She wove most of the “web” together on the plate and had the black pom pom spider pre-attached to a piece of a plastic straw.  There wasn’t much for the kids to complete at the party (maybe just string the spider on the web, and then tape the web on the back).
  • The pumpkin & candy corn pieces are super easy – just cut up your squares & let your kids glue away.

What are your favorite Halloween crafts? How do you save and display your kid’s old artwork?

#ThrowbackThursday: Playing in Leaves

I had a flashback to these beautiful moments playing in the leaves through the years with my kids yesterday.  Here’s a series of pictures of big sister from two years ago!

Even back then, big sister was a ham! Love it!

Even back then, big sister was a ham! Love it!

And going back one more year, here were the kids in 2012.

As a one year old, I don't think my son was "feeling it" as much!

As a one year old, I don’t think my son was “feeling it” as much!

This year at age four and almost six, they are BOTH loving the leaves and even throwing them at me! This season really IS the best, and our backyard has a seemingly endless of supply of leaves for the next month, so we will enjoy it for sure!