Signs your Kids are Growing Up

I’ve been feeling like I’m an “old” or “older” parent this school year, especially with both of my kids in school full days now (kindergarten and 2nd grade).

This IS a big deal for our family.

Some may say it’s even life changing! And it is in so many ways, but that’s for another blog post.

One sign that the kids are growing up is the gear (or lack of baby gear) in our home. One of the last “baby items” that remains is our bike trailer.  About five years ago it actually transported our little kids.  It has been stored in our garage for some time, but over summer it was dusted off and used for this:

bike trailer contents

New use for an old bike trailer

We rode bikes to a cookout and brought our food along! On another occasion it’s carried beer!  My hubs rode his bike to the grocery store and hauled home our groceries in it.

Forget a bike basket – we have a whole trailer!! 🙂

An Open Letter to Fellow Daycare Parents and my Kids

Dear fellow daycare parents,

I have a bone to pick with you. Please refrain from sending your sick child to daycare.

I know you have important things to do – work, meetings, deadlines, appointments, etc.. It is difficult to miss such important things when you have a sick child, but please just find a way to make it work that does not include exposing your child’s sickness to the entire daycare.

Some families have multiple kids in daycare, so it’s terribly easy for illness to spread throughout the entire family. Your decision to send your child to daycare affects everyone at the center – children and employees alike.

Please be considerate and put yourself in your child’s position asking, “Who would I want caring for me if I felt this badly?”  The answer is typically NOT a daycare teacher – it’s you!  And there’s no place like home to sleep and recover from feeling rotten.

Due to your poor decision-making, I now have two children at home with pink-eye.  That was one illness we had not yet encountered, and such an introduction is always enjoyable a royal pain. Thank you for the inconvenience and annoyance that you have shared with my family.

I hope you think twice before sending your sick child to daycare (or even going out to communal play-places or play-dates). I will try to do the same as a courtesy to your child and family as a whole, so we can enjoy many healthy, happy days.


Mama O

Dear big sister and little brother,

If you see another kid at daycare who is sneezing, coughing, rubbing red eyes, just run away, wash your hands, and stay as far away as possible from him or her. Do not kiss, hold hands, touch eyes, wipe noses, eat boogers, lick the table or floor, or put toys in your mouth. Wash hands often!

Please arrange NOT to get sick on Mondays and Tuesdays – the only two days that Mom works. Dad and I are much better equipped to handle sickness Wednesday through Sunday.  Please also shoot for getting sick during typical daytime hours too, such as between the hours of 7am – 8pm.

We appreciate any and all attempts to follow our suggestions.

Love you!

The Management – Mama and Daddy O.

(I also thought about writing to employers, asking for their flexibility in working with employees who are parents. Providing sick days or vacation days that can be used is all part of making it easier on families. I know this isn’t always the case.)

The Beauty of a Preschooler’s Reasoning

My daughter has officially stated 3 year old preschool, and really seems to be enjoying it. As I dropped her off at school one morning this week, I noticed she was enthusiastically hugged by a several friends. She tells me that her friends are Allison, Micah, and Grace – because they have the same shoes. Making friends who share the same taste in shoes is always a good bet.

I love the simplicity and beauty in her preschool friendships. They are just an adorable, sweet group of kids learning together. There’s a lot we adults can learn from such preschool reasoning: be kind,  never stop learning, and make new friends – especially if your shoes match.

What are your favorite preschooler comments or moments?