Just be a Happy Mama


“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” – The Dalai Lama

What a simple, beautiful quote that fits perfectly with these pictures of my happy children!  As you can see, my son has learned to say “CHEESE,” while wrinkling his nose, and grinning.  He inherited the nose wrinkle from me, after I grew up with my Grandpa telling me to wrinkle my nose.  Seeing his grin brings back happy memories and an appreciation for this adorable stage of his life.

I HAVE been very happy lately.  In addition to helping with small things around the house (dishes for one – see below), my kids will sometimes bring each other their jackets or shoes to help get ready. It is so sweet, and one less thing that I have to do for them is always a bonus. I’ve been realizing that this parenting thing IS getting easier.  That is until something changes, and another parenting challenge is ready to be tackled.

For now, I’ll just be a happy mama.

My little man grinning and wrinkling his nose

My little man grinning and wrinkling his nose

happy doing the dishes

Mama O. with happy helpers in the kitchen. Who knew doing dishes could be so fun?!

Attack of the Kissing Monsters and Other Million Dollar Moments

my kissing monsterFor lamenting having to be at home for 2 naps a day and struggling to get out of the house to do at least one thing per day, I have been having some million dollar moments the past few days. These are the moments when you wouldn’t trade a million dollars to be experiencing anything else in the world at that singular point in time. These are the moments when you are overflowing with thankfulness, and you want to freeze time to just be present in the beauty of your children and life as a whole.

Attack of the Kissing Monsters was tonight.  I was reading a Thomas the Tank Engine magazine to my son and daughter, who were both sitting nicely on my lap (this in and of itself is a big deal), and my son started dive-bombing my face with wet, baby, open mouth kisses.  My daughter thought this was funny, so she started kissing my other cheek with nice, little girl, closed mouth kisses.  I laughed, “No, the kissing monsters are attacking me,” and tossed some defensive kisses in there too.  I even got a kiss goodnight from my daughter.  It was so sweet!

Holding hands together.  In our one outing of the day after lunch, we had a quick errand to run and stopped by a park to burn off some extra energy.  After climbing, sliding, walking, and digging around in wood chips, we headed back to the car.  I held my son’s hand, as he still needs some extra support to walk, and to my delight my daughter grabbed my other hand.  We made a cute shadow – the three of us together. The feeling of your child’s hand, willingly put in your own hand, is so warm, soft and priceless. I know I won’t have kiddos who want to hold mom’s hand all the time, so I’ll enjoy it now.

Mom, you’re right.  My daughter said this tonight! I should cherish these words, as I can foresee the teenage or even school age battles to come.  She is already strong willed, so the more I can help her see things my way, and have her think it was HER idea, the better off we’ll be!

Mama. My son has been saying Mama a lot, and it melts my heart every time.  There was a time when I was trying to get him to say mama, and he’d just look me straight in the eye and say Dada.  Now that the floodgates for the ability to say mama have opened, I am on cloud nine.