Whoo Whoo is Having an Owl Party?

Sometimes what’s old is new again. Or what one child has another one wants.

These two sentiments rang true for our latest birthday party. My seven year old wanted an owl party – the same theme I had for her brother when he turned one!

If you remember our Halloween, when I made owl costumes, we are kind of on an owl-kick here!


Whoo whoo are these cuties?! 

Owl Party Ideas

Of course, I turned to Pinterest for some ideas. Simply search owl and you’ll have so many fun pictures to ogle. There were a few that I tackled:

We had Big Sister’s friends over for a party on Friday night and then family came over on Saturday for a lunchtime party, so the owl theme was enjoyed for two celebrations. Here are some pictures of what we did:


Pin the bow on the owl, Easy Owl Pinata, Owl treat bags

I found adorable owl print table cloths and masks in the party department of Wal-mart. It was a great way to cover the table for the “make your own owl” by glue-ing together the pieces craft.


Craft table – make your own owl. Kitchen table runner & Digi Owl centerpiece.

I folded up another tablecloth for a table runner (the inside was just white and looked too plain), and added the kids’ Digi Owls as a centerpiece. As I’ve written about before, I love using what we already have for birthday party decorations. I did the same for my son’s jungle themed party.

Just like at my son’s party, we had cupcakes, but this time, I let the kids decorate their own owl cupcakes. For our family party, I bought a cake from our local bakery, whoo did such a great job decorating it!


Seriously cute owl cupcake creations, and the professional’s work on the cake.

This was a really cute and fun theme, and I couldn’t believe all the owl stuff that’s out there.  Some friends even brought owl-themed gifts (drawing pictures of owls on cards, owl crafts, owl p.j.’s).

Have you re-used or re-purposed party themes in your own house? Let me know what you think of my owl parties, and share your own favorite party themes in the comments.

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The BEST Kid Birthday Party Theme EVER!

My kids are kind of funny with their birthday parties.  I typically suggest what they might want on their birthday cake and then plan their party from there. For my son, I suggested a Thomas the Tank Engine cake, and he said yes.  My daughter, overhearing this conversation, said, “Don’t you want an elephant cake?” This made him change his mind immediately.  Yeah, yeah – an elephant cake!

My first reaction: how in the world can I make an elephant cake?!

I did what any mom / party planner would do, check out Pinterest!

I came across this amazing Vintage Circus Theme 1st Birthday post on Hostess with the Mostess. The pictures are beautiful and the ideas adorable!  It is a much grander party than we’d be throwing for our son’s 3rd birthday, but really really fun!

I pinned a few other ideas on my Kiddos board as well. One stop to the dollar store for Popcorn containers, crepe paper, balloons and some favors, and I was completely “all-in” on the circus themed birthday with an elephant cake!

It’s official – the circus party IS the BEST Kid Birthday Party Theme EVER!

circus themed birthday

Love the circus themed party with an elephant cake, knock the can over game, popcorn & circus peanuts, lollipop centerpiece, and “big top” tent over our table.

The basic color combination was so easy to do…a balloon bouquet hanging from our chandelier and crepe paper arranged to make our dining room feel more like a circus tent were really cute!  I did spend more time making the centerpiece, using a Styrofoam circle as a base. I shoved the colorful lollipops around the circle and covered the front & back with scrapbook paper and a #3 cut-out. For the circus game, I covered tin cans in scrapbook paper.  From an 18 month old to a 6 year old cousin, every kid had some fun (in their own style) knocking over the cans with a ball.

Our menu included brats & hot dogs, popcorn, circus peanuts, animal crackers, veggies & dip, pasta salad, cake & ice cream – kid-friendly, fun food of course!

Here are a few action shots from our day –

Little brother turns 3 - showing off his fishing pole with Mom & Dad.

Little brother turns 3 – showing off his fishing pole with Mom & Dad.

This was the best family picture we got! As you know, parties can be a bit hectic, so we forgot to try for a picture with all four of us. This one is so typical of family pictures – not looking at the camera, waving a toy around, somebody talking…but whatever, it captures the fun of the day, so I’ll take it. Little brother was so excited about his Star Wars fishing pole!

Happy siblings!

Happy siblings!

The store bought, professionally decorated birthday cake was a hit! Thanks for the idea big sister!  I caught my son saying “cheese” in this shot.

A little help blowing out the candles.

A little help blowing out the candles.

Kids just can’t resist helping blow out birthday candles.  In a wider shot, their cousin was also helping blow from a distance.  It is so sweet seeing the bigger kids help out the birthday boy….they especially did this while opening his presents in one crazy whirlwind.  The room became extra quiet when all the gifts were opened and everyone was playing with his toys.  So. Much. Fun.

Have you ever had a circus themed party?  What have been your favorite party themes?  My next party theme – PRINCESS!!