Last Minute Halloween Costume for Mom

I’m not overly enthusiastic about Halloween myself.  I’m not obsessing over my own costume or planning a big Halloween bash. Instead I was the mom hemming up my daughter’s Elsa dress that I bought a size bigger on Etsy (a necessity for layering clothes underneath thanks to cold Wisconsin Trick-or-Treating), and I was putting the finishing touches on my son’s pumpkin costume that his grandma made.

We went to an indoor Halloween Hullabaloo party in our neighborhood, and about an hour beforehand, I decided to dress up, using whatever I could find in our house.

It started with this black, sparkly fabric that was hanging in my daughter’s closet. My mom and I had talked about making a tutu out of it, but the sparkles just shower off of the fabric, so it would be a tutu that would leave a sparkly trail behind (ugh). It was the perfect cape for me.  I just tied the ends together at my neck (real fancy, I know).

I bought a small witches’ hat at the end of last season and raided my closet for black clothes. Seriously – a witch costume is the easiest, and best last minute costume!

My daughter helped add my accessories – a purple cat pillow curled around my neck that also disguised my crudely tied cape, a spider (former glow spider) that I twist-tied onto another necklace of mine, and a magic wand (former glow stick) that I put in my belt.  I loaded on dark eyeshadow & eyeliner and I felt “witchy” enough.  Here was the final result – me & the kids all dressed up:

my last minute witch costume

Grouchy “I don’t want to wear this” Pumpkin, Mama O. the sorta good Witch, not frozen yet Elsa

While this costume was perfect for an indoor party, I don’t think I’ll be wearing it this Friday with the forecast calling for high of 40 degrees. Ugh… well, maybe I can wear my black wool coat over it all, or I’ll just stay inside & handout candy!

What are your plans for Halloween?  What’s your favorite last minute costume? Happy trick or treating!


Cardboard Halloween Costume FAIL

Happy October everyone!  I am still sort of wondering where the month of September went, but oh yeah – my 2 year old’s birthday, Oktoberfest beer, and a great picnic at a beer garden, not to mention all the fun stuff that we tried to cram in that we didn’t do all summer long.

During September, I became annoyed with the number of diaper boxes in my house that hadn’t yet made it to our recycling bin.  AND I was inspired from reading a Thomas the Tank Engine Halloween book that had a train costume in it.  AND I made a cardboard train for my daughter’s 3rd birthday, so shouldn’t my son have a train for his birthday too?  Wouldn’t it be awesome if that train could be made in September and still be around for trick-or-treating six weeks later?  AND aren’t trains so easy to make out of boxes?

As you can see, I had MANY reasons for thinking that a cardboard train costume would be a good idea.  Probably the MOST important one of all was the idea of making a large Halloween costume that could fit my kids, who would inevitably need to wear winter coats in order to trick-or-treat comfortably in Wisconsin. (Sigh…it never fails to be cold for Halloween).  Gone are all those dresses and thin costumes – we need layers people!

So I started making the “greatest” train costume ever with a diaper box and two other boxes cobbled together with a lot of tape.

cardboard train in the early design phase

phase 1 diaper box train

I covered it with cut up grocery bags to give it a cleaner look.

phase 2 covered diaper box with brown grocery bags

covered in brown grocery bags – phase 2 cardboard box train

Finally, I browsed through my scrapbook paper stash and found some green paper – my son’s favorite color to jazz up the engine.  I used spray adhesive to make this part easy.

When finished, it came time for the ultimate test: would my kids wear it?

My son’s response – no way!  I could barely get it over his head.

My daughter’s response – for about 5 minutes!  It was a little too back-heavy, to which my engineer husband said, “Yeah, you should really balance it a little better.”  I gave him a nasty look, encouraging him to give it a go then.  He has not taken me up on this challenge to date.

Ultimately, this is a costume built for two, as modeled by my daughter and her cousin at the birthday party.  Aren’t they adorable?!  My dad also suggested that you place a bowl of candy in the opening on top of the train, and have the child walk in the driver’s seat.  I also tried putting it over our wagon, but it didn’t fit. That could be cute, but as it is right now, it is a cardboard Halloween Costume FAIL.  Bummer.

Decorated with green and gray paper final cardboard train costume

Final – cardboard train costume for two!

Do you have any cold weather or cardboard Halloween costume suggestions?  What are your kids dressing up as?

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