Last Day of Kindergarten / 2nd Grade

It’s that time of year again – last day of school!

My kids are SO excited, and I’m emotional! Look how big my babies are getting:

First and Last Day of School 2018

Top: First day of 2nd grade and kindergarten / Bottom: Last day

I’m ending the kindergarten era: both kids have been in 4K and 5K, so four total years of kindergarten.

This morning my son read me a book at breakfast time.

Last night I read to both of my kids, though many nights they read to themselves.

I’m so stinking proud of these kids and feel so blessed to be their mom.

I expect to be a complete mess when they move onto middle school and graduate high school.  That’s a lot for a mom’s heart to handle!  This year I even cried watching a video of 5th graders leaving their school – kids who are not even mine. Yikes! Good luck parents, if you’re celebrating a big milestone or just a bit emotional about the end of the school year like me!

I’ve written about these emotional days before in case you want to look back like I did this morning:

Have a wonderful summer!

“I Knew the Day Would Come.”


The owner of our day care for the last seven years said this to me a few weeks ago, when I turned in our notice that today would be our last day for our youngest there.

I knew it too, and now that it’s here, we adults are all a little emotional about it!

It was a no-mascara kind of morning.

My oldest has her last day of kindergarten, and my youngest has his last morning at our day care center. My babies are growing up!

For the past two years, I have been able to call my daughter a kindergarten-er (4K and 5K). Now she will be a first-grader! She has grown up and learned so much these past 180 days. And I think back to the hurried mornings with my reminders to “get going.” This is apparently what I like to say according to my son:

Mothers day 2016

My mother’s day “card” from my four year old son.

180 days Big Sister “got going” and went to an awesome school led by talented, caring teachers.

I volunteered and helped her class learn about art. It was a joy to see 20 little five and six year olds each month and watch them create projects based on famous works of art. We learned together and had fun!

Little Brother will end his pre-school program at our day care and will be in four-year-old kindergarten this fall. First grade and kindergarten here my kids come. Watch out!

I knew this day – the last day – would come, and so I thought it would be no big deal. To my son and daughter, it was just like any other day. Little Brother was grumpy and sat in the car as I walked Big Sister up to the kindergarten playground. I then dropped him off at day care, shedding some tears and hugging the day care owner and teachers who have known my kids since they were babies.

But, wow – 6 years. This is a big deal. Where did the time go?!

There’s a lot of great memories and love for all of the wonderful teachers who have helped shape my kiddos these past 4 – 6 years.

Overwhelmed after both drop-offs, I took a walk and decompressed a bit, enjoying a beautiful, sunny morning and reflecting on the past year(s).


Ahh – nature, and a bit of exercise.

I am so proud of my kids and so thankful for walking along with them, as they learn and grow.

As I posted in the beginning of the school year, I hope that this summer we can enjoy, love much, and simply “live” in the moment!  Cheers & happy summer!

First & Last Days of School

Hooray – the last day of school! We were all excited for the day, and now as the kids sleep in, I am taking some time to reflect a bit.  But first, the pictures – here’s my daughter on the first day back in September, and the last day in June.

first and last days of school

My big girl, now finished with 4K!

I love the first day of school picture: she’s grinning ear to ear, with a big, hot pink sticker on her shirt with her name & teacher’s name, backpack on, and ready to go!

Compared with the last day, she’s a little less excited, not as eager nor fast at getting ready in the morning, no sticker to identify who she is & where she needs to be, and a fancy outfit (of course)! Her expression says, “Mom, I got this.”

I am so proud of this little lady for how much she has grown and learned this year. Friends and family have noticed her come out of her shell more, and share more of her sweet, caring, and silly personality.

To quote a line from an awesome blogger, Deborah from The Monster in the Closet, slightly modified from her quote about her son:

My child “is not walking away from me,
but toward who she is meant to be.”

These words so beautifully summarize how I feel as a parent right now.  While there’s a wistfulness, there’s also a lot of excitement and joy to see what lies ahead for us.