Cheese Taste Testing: Does 1 Year Matter?

Back in March when we went up to Door County, Wisconsin for a weekend sans children, we picked up some cheese to bring home and sample like any reasonable cheese lover would do.  While we didn’t stop at the cheese making location, we snatched up this beauty: a 5 Year Aged Sharp Cheddar made by Renard’s Cheese and a White Cheddar Cherry Cheese from Lautenbach’s Orchard Country Winery & Market.  This is an amazing market store with cherry flavored anything you can dream up (wine, salsa, olive oil, cheese, cider, jam, spread mix, soups, desserts). While I’m not a fruit-wine fan, we steered clear of the wine tasting area and honed in on the refrigerated section.

Renard's 5 year cheddar

Renard’s Cheese: 5 year cheddar

White Cherry Cheddar

Maple Leaf Cheese: White Cherry Cheddar

Now I realize it is now May June and cheese purchased in March just does not last long in our house (more on that later though). We tasted the 5 year cheddar and took notes in our handy cheese tasting guide (nerdy – yes, but effective record keeping).

It was creamy, tangy, and smooth, and not as crumbly as a 6 year Cheddar. We thought it would pair well with a bottle of MacMurray Pinot Noir. Oh, and most importantly my son liked it too.

Maybe 5 year Cheddars deserve some more love. I think I will have to just taste more to find out for sure.

Happy cheese eating!


Best Cheese Billboard EVER!

I have felt like a bad blogger / commenter lately!  Last week I had the super bug of all daycare germs – no fun.  And I’ve been so tired at night after the kids go to bed.  Whine…whine…I know! Meanwhile I have lists of ideas for blog posts stacking up.  Quick, while the motivation is still with me, I’m going to attempt to complete this post!

We recently found greatness in our cheese-ventures! The best cheese billboard EVER at the Colonial Cheese House in Omro, Wisconsin.

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As a cheese lover, I don’t think it can be said ANY better than this.

As a proud Wisconsin native (or Sconnie), I love the placement of the cows and ice cream next to the best sign ever. We should all simply embrace the Dairyland and Cheesehead labels and have fun with it!

As a shopper, I was NOT disappointed.  Though this was a cheese distributor and not a cheesemaker, where we typically try to buy cheese for our own Cheddar Off, they offered a wide variety of cheeses among other Wisconsin specialties: fish fry, sausage, etc.  We walked away with a smoked cheddar and a vegetable flavored Muenster that was out of this world.  Yet another satisfying ending to another cheese venture!

Happy cheese eating everyone!

Have you come across billboards or signs that really speak to you – like this one did to me?  I’d love to see pictures or hear about it.