Another Cardboard Creation: Cardboard Little Bears’ Home

As a way to beat the winter blues indoors, and up-cycle at least one diaper box into something fun, I created a little house for my daughter’s stuffed animals.  She is obsessed with animals, mostly from watching Dora and Diego shows, so this box became a perfect little home.


1. Use a utility knife or box cutter to cut a door and a few windows.

2. Tape the roof together using additional cardboard pieces (if necessary). Clear packing tape or duct tape seem to work well.

3. To cover the house, cut apart a large brown paper bag and fit to size.  I used the bottom of the bag to create the roof’s shingles.

4. Use markers or crayons to decorate.

This was a really easy project that probably took less than 45 minutes to do.  Have fun!

cardboard house

Little bears’ cardboard home

Little bears hideout - side view

Little bears’ home – side view

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Mama O's Cardboard Kitchen

Cardboard kitchen that took only a few hours to make

I was inspired by this post on Pinterest that has a lot of cool ideas for things to do with cardboard.  We had HUGE boxes from ordering bigger car seats for our cars, and I didn’t want to just clog up our recycling bin with them.  I also liked the Family Fun site that has a VERY cute cardboard kitchen.  I ended up using mostly what we had around the house – and like most kitchens, it could use some updated fixtures. My daughter has requested pink liner in the cabinet (which I know should TECHNICALLY be a range hood instead, but hey, let’s go with it), so that’s on my to-do list.  The $6 came in for buying a few kitchen items at a local thrift store: the toaster, cookie tray, bowl for kitchen sink, pot and lid.  All in all it was fun to make and has been a hit with both of my children….not bad way to spend $6 compared to $60 for the big plastic deal.

Cardboard Kitchen front view

Cardboard Kitchen front view