Best Cheese Billboard to be in Museum!!

Exciting news – the BEST Cheese Billboard will be part of the Museum of Signs and Industry (under the Ingest category of course).

After reading Joan’s post on Sign Language, I submitted this billboard to the Museum (something ANYONE can do).

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Best Sign EVER!

Just one day after submitting an image and description, I received this email from the Museum of Signs and Industry:

Hi Cathy,

Thanks for the pic! Great shot! Look for it updated on the site coming up under the category Ingest!


Museum Curation Staff

Hooray!! I’m glad a little piece of Wisconsin cheese love will be recognized along with many other very quirky, fun, and vintage signs on the site.  Check out the Sign Language post at The Thing about Joan to see some of the signs that she has discovered through the years.

What’s your favorite sign?  (No, that’s not to be construed as a pick-up line.)  Share it with me and submit it to the Museum.


Best Cheese Billboard EVER!

I have felt like a bad blogger / commenter lately!  Last week I had the super bug of all daycare germs – no fun.  And I’ve been so tired at night after the kids go to bed.  Whine…whine…I know! Meanwhile I have lists of ideas for blog posts stacking up.  Quick, while the motivation is still with me, I’m going to attempt to complete this post!

We recently found greatness in our cheese-ventures! The best cheese billboard EVER at the Colonial Cheese House in Omro, Wisconsin.

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As a cheese lover, I don’t think it can be said ANY better than this.

As a proud Wisconsin native (or Sconnie), I love the placement of the cows and ice cream next to the best sign ever. We should all simply embrace the Dairyland and Cheesehead labels and have fun with it!

As a shopper, I was NOT disappointed.  Though this was a cheese distributor and not a cheesemaker, where we typically try to buy cheese for our own Cheddar Off, they offered a wide variety of cheeses among other Wisconsin specialties: fish fry, sausage, etc.  We walked away with a smoked cheddar and a vegetable flavored Muenster that was out of this world.  Yet another satisfying ending to another cheese venture!

Happy cheese eating everyone!

Have you come across billboards or signs that really speak to you – like this one did to me?  I’d love to see pictures or hear about it.


Savoring a 5 Star Wisconsin Aged Cheddar

What do you do when your children are fast asleep in the car, and you know the 20 minute drive home won’t cut it for a good nap?  Well, if you’re like me and Daddy O., you do what any cheese love would do – grab your cheese map, plug an address into your GPS, and GO DISCOVER ANOTHER WISCONSIN CHEESE!

We traversed some back roads, going over some gentle, mostly snow covered rolling hills to Widmer’s Cheese Cellars in Theresa, Wisconsin. Actually the car time felt sort of like a date with my husband, giving us some quiet, uninterrupted time to catch up and really talk to one another – something that can be difficult to do in the busyness of child-rearing.

English: Looking east at the western welcome s...
Looking east at the western welcome sign for Theresa, Wisconsin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Widmer’s Cheese Cellar dates back to the 1920’s, started by Swiss immigrant John O. Widmer.  The storefront of the cheese shop includes the crests of the Swiss states – a great first impression to this German speaking girl!  We joined a few other cheese lovers in the small shop, drooling over the many varieties of cheddar, brick, colby, and fresh cheese curds.  After some deliberation, we left with a 6 year aged Cheddar, vegetable colby, and Lagerkaese (foil pack aged brick). Our children practically slept until we reached home, giving us even more quiet and pleasant car time.

The Tasting and Savoring

Finally, we were home and opened our fine dairy finds. We were delighted with the 6 year Cheddar!  It was creamy, buttery, and tangy with a slight crunch that made for all around deliciousness!  We gave it a 5 out of 5 possible stars!  The vegetable colby cheese was a huge hit shredded over scrambled eggs and in sandwiches.

I’m sad to say that the Laegerkaese was a disappointment with a taste that we best captured as the musty basement flavor.  Somehow our son enjoyed eating it, but perhaps his palate is not as developed at 17 months old.

Our Cheese Record

How do we keep track of each of the wonderful 6 year cheddars we have tasted? We were given a great little book from one of the original Cheddar-Off attendees called 33 Pieces of Cheese. It’s a great way to take notes and rate each cheese, detailing each dimension of cheese on the flavor wheel.

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Danke Liebster Award!

Wow – I received a nomination from Breadwinning Mama for the Liebster Award!  I am so flattered that she chose my little blog. Thank you so much! I really enjoy reading her thoughts on working full time while balancing being a mom of three and wife. Check out her blog when you have a chance!

Facts of the Liebster Award: 

The Liebster Award’s origins are pretty much a mystery. Bloggers nominate other bloggers that have 200 or less followers. It’s basically a “Hey, that’s a sweet little blog you’ve got there. Here’s an award!” You can’t just accept the award. You have to play by the (ever-changing) rules and pay it forward. Then you can put the award on your blog for all to see.

The Rules:
1. List 5 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 5 questions given to you. (My 5 questions for each of the 5 nominated blogs are near the bottom of this post!)
3. Create 5 new questions for the bloggers you nominate for the award.
4. Choose 5 worthy bloggers to nominate. (At the very bottom of this post you will find the links!)
5. Go to each bloggers page and let them know about the award.
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. (see the intro of this post!)
5 Facts about Me:
1.  I grew up in Wisconsin and lived in Pittsburgh for several years after college. This is how the quest for the BEST cheddar began, when we couldn’t find our good Wisconsin cheese in da Burgh.
2.  Ten years ago, I studied German / business in Vienna for a semester. Their Christkindl markets are so lovely.  Drinking a steaming cup of Gluehwein and strolling along the booths was so perfect for this time of year.
3. I am an adventurous eater.  Spending a summer in Tokyo DID give me a case of food poisoning, but I had some amazing sushi and some other things I can’t quite remember what they were.
4. I met my husband playing pick-up basketball in college. He was impressed by my jump shot and cool station wagon!
5. I consider my daughter and son my greatest accomplishments.  I am so proud to be their mom and look forward to the adventures and challenges that lie ahead.
Bread Winning Mama’s 5 Questions:
  1. Why do you blog? I started blogging as a creative outlet after leaving the work force to stay home with my kiddos. It feels good to have my own space to share what I’m going through in a format that is longer than just a Facebook status update. As a marketing professional, I’m trying to learn more about social media, and there’s no better way to learn than by doing it yourself.
  2. What is the best tip you’ve ever received from another mom about motherhood? Great question! One tip that stays in my mind the most is as your children grow, there are fewer physical demands, but more psychological demands.  This is SO true with my 3 year old right now.
  3. Does social media ever make you blue? Yes, in some ways, I feel less connected to some friends on social media, while being more connected to other friends and meeting new people.  Everyone has a different comfort level with how often and what to share. I still enjoy my snail mail too!
  4. How do you unwind from the chaos of motherhood, work, life? Reading, writing my blog, trying to get in a workout, watching Netflix with my husband, or the occasional date night!
  5. What are you reading right now … is there a particular book you want to recommend? Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff.  It has a lot of great tips on how businesses are using social media to embrace customers and even their own employees.  I’m taking some e-marketing courses online as well to help stay current in my field while I’m at home with my kiddos.  I also would highly recommend Vanity Fair magazine for the excellent range of topics and intelligent journalism.

My 5 Questions:

  1. You gain 30 minutes of free time.  What do you choose to do?
  2.  What’s your favorite holiday tradition?
  3. Name one person who inspires you.
  4. What’s your favorite type of cheese?
  5. What do you like most about social media or writing a blog?

My Liebster Nominees – Check these ladies out!

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Cheese Lovers Paradise FOUND!


I LOVE WI CheeseAs the next stop on our cheese ventures, we recently traveled to Cedar Valley Cheese Store and Factory, located in Belgium, Wisconsin.  I was a little apprehensive, since the first cheese store we visited was much smaller and more quaint, while still making VERY delicious cheese.  This was in stark contrast to the factory feel that we saw here:

Cedar Valley Cheese Factory

I posed by their sign for fun, since Daddy O. had done the honors in our last cheese store visit. Here’s the big sign just across from the towers in the parking lot:

Cedar Valley Cheese StoreWho knew that their specialty was fine Italian cheese?  This made me feel better – reassured, actually.  Plus there were A LOT of people going inside of the store on this crisp Fall Saturday morning.  Let’s see what they have…

Cheese galore at Cedar Valley Cheese Store

We discovered CHEESE PARADISE!!  They had varieties from other Wisconsin cheesemakers, their own unique cheeses, HUGE wax covered wheels of cheese, and plenty of samples.  AMAZING!! We had a hard time deciding what to choose, so we started off with some samples of blueberry cobbler cheddar (yum), maple syrup cheddar (kind of a breakfast cheese), cranberry cinnamon cheddar (very festive), smoked gouda (so good-a), cherry infused cheese (mild tasting), and caramel cheese (dessert)!   Ultimately, we opted to stick with Cedar Valley Cheese, buying a 6 Year Old Cheddar, Applewood smoked cheddar, and ranch flavored cheese curds.

Sampling Cedar Valley Cheese CurdsDelicious Cedar Valley Cheese Curds






As you can see, the ranch cheese curds were a hit.  We had to sample them in the car instead of waiting to eat them at home.  The cheese was protected on the ride home as my husband put it in our son’s carseat.  What a guy!  We tried the 6 Year Cheddar that night, and we gave it a 4.5 out of 5. From what our taste buds could recall, and with the help of our cheese tasting book, the Nasonville 6 Year Cheddar was a 5 out of 5.  Until the next cheese stop on our map, we have a well stocked supply to enjoy.