Fly on the Fall: Which is that Farmer Thing?

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. I’ve written these posts before, and you can find past posts on this page of my blog. Today a total of 12 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

Fly on the Wall Post

Here’s who you’ll be hearing from:

  • Me, Mama O.
  • Daddy O.
  • Big Sister, age 6
  • Little Brother, age 4

For a visual, here are some of our silly pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day:

silly christmas pictures

A Few Gems from Christmas

As Christmas approached without snow and we’d hear the song, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” our kids would yell in reply, “No, it’s not.”

On Christmas morning, I said to Daddy O., “You know your kids are getting older when they’ll actually eat breakfast before opening presents.” I still can’t believe this happened!

I made some quick cinnamon rolls from a tube, something I don’t do often. Big sister exclaimed, “These are the best cinnamon rolls EVER!” Love her enthusiasm! And I’m glad she’s so easy so please – at times.

Big sister surprised us again, declaring, “The people with the fewest presents get to open them first.” So our cat Sumo opened her gift from Santa. She loved the cat toy that sort of looks like a fishing pole. Daddy O. said, “Wow, a toy Sumo actually likes, and the kids can finally play with her!” It was a minor Christmas miracle.

Daddy O.’s Birthday

To celebrate Daddy O.’s Birthday, we went out for breakfast. On our way there, we spotted a red tailed hawk on a power line. Big sister said, “Seeing a raptor on your birthday is better than cake!”

We didn’t have cake for Daddy O. either (which is what I think I was saying before the raptor comment). Instead we made pumpkin bread with cranberries. Happy Birthday to our fabulous Daddy!

Daddy O Bday

After breakfast and before the birthday bread, we enjoyed snowshoeing as a family. Here are some pics from that:

family snowshoe in Wisconsin GoMamaO

Family fun in the snow! It was a beautiful Wisconsin winter day!


Yes, We Just Said That

We’ve been inside a lot with colder weather and some colds the past few weeks. Daddy O. was encouraging the kids to find something to do, and I overheard:

Daddy O: I didn’t say ride on your brother.

Me: Don’t ride on your brother?!

Daddy O: Yes, I just had to say that. Sigh…

And I also heard Daddy O. tell Little Brother, “Sop flying off the handle!” Little Brother innocently replied, “Which handle?!” It’s so cute when they don’t understand these sayings!

Little Brother Highlights

During a sick day, Little Brother and I were watching a cooking show. For some reason, he likes watching cooking and baking on TV from time to time – a nice change from cartoons.  This time Martha Stewart was on.

Little Brother: Is Martha a real person?

Me: Yes, honey.

Little Brother: Do you know her?

Me: No.

Little Brother: Can you call her? Do you know her phone number?

Me: No, I can’t! (lol!)

One day for breakfast, little brother asked for “hula hoop things.” I think he meant fruit loops.

And finally, my favorite saying came from a conversation we had while walking to the grocery store.

Little Brother: Which is that farmer thing?

Me: What do you mean?

Little Brother: That farmer way of blowing noses.

Me: OH, you mean a “farmer blow?”

Little Brother: Yeah, farmer blow.

Me: You don’t need to do a farmer blow when you have a tissue.  Here’s a tissue!

I honestly forgot when we mentioned the term “farmer blow,” but it was in his little head! Maybe it was when we were camping over summer…? Who knows, but it was hilarious!

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Fly on the Wall: Dirty Beans

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 14 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.


This past month just flew by with major things happening in our house – my daughter starting 4K, me starting my own all natural foods direct sales business, and my son’s 3rd birthday!  Lots of great blogging material in the queue, so come back to read all about it someday!

Dinnertime Conversations

One of our favorite activities to do on Wednesdays is venture to the Farmer’s market.  I bought some beans and made them for dinner.  Little bro said, “These beans are dirty.” He then took a few to the bathroom sink to rinse them off.  I tried explaining, “It’s seasoning, not dirt!.”  Oh well…at least he ate them!

Summertime Moments

We had the chance to test out a family member’s tag-along bike (it’s a kid’s bike attached to an adult bike) one weekend.  Big sister did awesome on it!  While we were riding she commented, “Mom, your dream that you had as a little girl came true.” I responded, “Huh?” She continued, “The dream of riding on a bike for two people.” This triggered my memory, “Oh yeah,” I said, “I guess you are right.”

As an adult I told Daddy O. that I dreamed of riding on a tandem bike together as an older couple (after seeing tandem bikers while biking/traveling in Switzerland). Here I was riding with a tag-along bike with my daughter, which I suppose was just as good, if not better because of her excitement. Dreams DO come true, though sometimes they materialize in different ways.

One hot day we made chocolate pudding pops. Big sister exclaimed, “This is the best day EVER!”  It is truly the little things in life that count, right?!

Learning New Health Terms

Daddy O: I think little brother has athlete’s foot.

Big sister: One time I had an athlete foot. And I pulled off the athlete.

Daddy O: That’s not exactly what it means.

Little brother: I have athlete’s foot.

Big sister: One time I peel off athlete.

Daddy O: Athletes are people who play sports. You don’t peel them off. Athletes sometimes get it from playing sports.

Big sister (persistent): Mom, I had a lot of athletes. I peeled them off.

Off to School

I wrote more about my musings on my daughter going off to 4 year old kindergarten here. Here’s a picture from her 1st day:

Big sister waving goodbye on her 1st day of school. Sniff. Sniff.

Big sister waving goodbye on her 1st day of school. Sniff. Sniff.

Her comments after morning one of school: Mom, some kids were arguing at school.  I wasn’t arguing.

Me: What did you do sweetie?

Big sister: We ate cheezie weezies for snack (the most important detail I guess).

My son’s reaction after big sister got on the school bus was, “Where’s my sister?” Yeah bud, it IS different around the house without her. Then later he told me, “When I get big I’m going to ride the school bus.”

Getting ready for school went really well the first few days, especially wonderful because big sister isn’t always a morning person.  That has since faded, much to my dismay. Eating and picking out clothes are the longest activities! I try to give suggestions, like putting leggings under a skirt to stay warmer, but my daughter told me, “Mom, you’re trying to dress me weirdly.” Oh man…I’m sure I’ll be hearing that one again!

Since starting school, I think big sister has begun to appreciate afternoons at home and weekends more. She remarked, “Quiet. I love quiet. I hate it when it’s loud.”  This IS a new one that I hope is adopted more often in our house!

Old House

We do live in an older home, but have no immediate plans to move.  Some family members have recently moved, so of course, big sister wants to move too.

Big sister: I don’t like our old house.

Me: Well, there are a lot of things Mom and Dad like about our house. Why don’t you like it?

Big sister: The doors. I want pink doors.

Little brother: I want the door to be green.

Daddy O: When you have your own house you can have whatever color door you want.

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