Kid Problems

We’ve learned that gummy vitamins are not the best for kid’s teeth, so I bought a chewable kind.

My son’s reaction:

“I have to eat 150 of them.”

And later –

“The world is against me.”

Kids' Multivitamin Bottle

The horror – chewable vitamins.

#kidproblems #firstworldproblems

In reality, he’ll only eat 75 because they are shared with her sister. That might be a tiny bit of consolation.

2 thoughts on “Kid Problems

  1. I used to Loooove Flinstone chewables. And then one time I didn’t take them for too long, and they all molded. So gross. The worst part was I didn’t realize it and kept eating them. Okay, sorry to stop by and gross everyone out. Why do I find gross things to be funny??? But you’re right the dummies are unfortunately bad for teeth.

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